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A Smarter Way to Monitor Your iSeries

CPF is a smarter way to Monitor, Analyze and Control your iSeries activities Any time, Anywhere.

  • Android/IOS App - Control your iSeries Anytime, Anywhere with the CPF App.
  • No more green screens! (Finally) - CPF is a Windows Application
  • With full IBM i Security Compliance.
  • CPF is an IBM i API Core Product.
  • Plug & play - UI so easy it takes almost no time to master.
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CPF will show you all the important data in one place like JOBQ/SBS Status and Logged in users.
Get Push notification direct from your iSeries to your mobile device using the CPF App and monitor job’s service by time segment - Daily, Weekly and Monthly.


CPF gives you full control over your iSeries at any time and anywhere.

  • Easily reply to MSGW
  • Personalized Event Status Notification
  • Command Entry through the CPF App.

Job Information

CPF provides you with the most advanced modules for your iSeries to help you save time and be aware of your iSeries at any time.

  • Display jobs by type, subsystem, user, function and Hold/Release them with a single click.
  • Job Log.
  • Subsystem Jobs.
  • Job program stack.
  • QZDA Current User.

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