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A Unique Password Module for iSeries

IGSEC is a powerful password management module for iSeries and Active Directory that let you have absolute control over the user’s password.
Unlock/lock users, Quick password reset, Auto/Manual password issuing and Convert Windows user to iSeries users.
All based on an easy Plug & Play encrypted 128 bit Web application.

The Problem

One of the most time consuming and frustrating tasks for the IT department is managing the organization's password protocols.

  • Users forget their password for the active directory and iSeries and get locked out causing valuable time loss to the user and IT
  • Users don’t change their password causing a cyber security risk

The Solution

IGSEC: A powerful administrative tool for managing organizational passwords.

  • Intuitive pattern key unlock Users are able to unlock themselves using personal pattern key.
  • Automated password update systemIGSEC makes sure user passwords are regularly updated.

Data Validation

The typing is a necessity and is duty for the first time operation management module passwords.
Authentication is done by Creating a unique user Pattern which is necessary for using the security module. The pattern if fully encryption by 128 bit.

Unlock User

The system will authenticate with Pattern keyed in Section 1.
After successful validation, the system release automatically and will open the user for further work.

Password Replacement

Change your password every xx days
(System Settings) - mandatory.
8 days before the expiry of the password, the system will alert to the user.

Absolute Control

IGSEC Provides the administrator with absolute control over every aspect of the users password.

  • Update Frequency & Reset Automatically / Manually.
  • Structure & Length.
  • Pattern type.
  • Unusual activity notification.
  • Exclude by users, device type or device name.

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